Coast to Coast: Day 7

Unbelievably, the trip was to come to an end tonight. The very thought brought in mixed emotions. Aastha and I were determined to witness the last east coast sunrise (I was sure the next sunrise I see will not be in Bangalore). Google helped us with the time, and we were at the Gandhi beach at 6:00am. Pondicherry and the people felt way friendlier. I could see countless health freaks run, walk, jog along the beach. We also had another great mind like ours, present at the venue to click the sunrise. However, we did not bother to reciprocate to his smile and hello gesture! 

We accomplished mission 'Capture Sunrise' by 7:00am and felt rather enthusiastic. The thought of returning to the guest house vanished and we chose to explore the streets of Pondicherry all by ourselves.  It was going to be a Girls Day Out! The twist that no restaurants would open before 8:00am added to our misery.We crossed streets right, left and center to reach a venue for a healthy breakfast.We sat cross legged on the sofa at the restaurant waiting for the mini idli and cold coffee to calm our pounding stomach. While paying the bill, we realized that Aurbindo Ashram was just 0.5km down the road. We exchanged glances and gleamed with joy. We reached the Ashram before we could change our minds. The Ashram is a very quiet place. Personally, I felt that I could give myself the next 25 years before visiting the Ashram again. 

On the way back, I decided to fulfill my wish to visit a Church. I would have loved to do it on the New Year Eve but as someone said, it is never too late! Aastha was ON and we relied on Google Maps to reach the Church of Our Lady of Angels. It was sheer history & architecture ingrained at the very first sight and the experience got better as we stepped in. We were the only people and I could hear my breath echo. We went around reading history, trying to understand as much as we could and taking google help as required. We sat on a bench and prayed for a while: it was serenity!

It was 11:00am when we unlocked our guest room to hit the bed. I was mentally prepared to realize that the trip had come to an end. The guys woke up and were surprised to hear about our expedition in the morning. They were inspired and followed our itinerary too. In the meantime, we packed our belongings, freshened up to drive back to Bangalore.

The drive back was as chaotic as we had started on the first day! We discussed only vacation plans and places- hoping atleast one would materialize by the next new year.

Click to watch our C2C trip here
That was our Coast to Coast trip, as we traversed through land of coconuts, beautiful temples, exotic beaches with a spice of a bond called friendship! Life definitely was not going to mean the same again...


  1. Travelling always turns more interesting with wonderful ppl and days passes with awesome places. that was wonderful write up ending with cool video, enjoyed thoroughly. it also helped me to eat up my boring time. thanks , way to go!


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