Coast to Coast: Day 2

I was charged...

I woke up early of a blocked nose and I knew Pranayam had to work its charm to keep me up for the day. A freshened I, took to the sofa and started breathing in and out in pursuit of bliss. Aastha did not miss the moment and started clicking till we walked out to find Dhruva giving the Figo a wash. 'Biscuit' was all-good-morning and reached us with the indeed innocent expression. I just could not resist not bringing him closer and played with him for a while.

The next one hour just sped by- we were at the beach clicking introduction shots for the four of us. We left the beach at the earliest with a clear objective in mind: To watch sunset in Kanyakumari! Little did we know, that it would be the most interestingly spontaneous day at hand... The drive to Kanyakumari looked pleasant until we chose to visit the Tangasseri beach as recommended by Google.
It was a difficult choice: Sunset in Kanyakumari vs. Time at Tangasseri but we went with the latter. My selfishness knew no bounds as I read about the ruins of St. Thomas fort at Tangasseri. Little help from the localites, we figured out the beach and a sight from far was enough to let the thought of sunset fade. Few clicks around a short story, that we conceptualized in the blue background added yet another fervor. It was lunch time; Foursquare and google helped us zero down on 'All Spice' in Chinnakada (Kollam) for packed lunch.

As we took to the road, a smart realization dawned upon us: We will not be able to make it to Kanyakumari for the sunset. What next? Google maps helped us stick to the coast and we wikipedid content to unearth 'Gold Sand' beach, Poovar. We drove to the place and just reached pre 30 minutes to sunset.It was as if the content on google had come to life. With handful of people, the beach was a perfect combination of an estuary, river and the sea. I wasn't a great believer of beaches and sunsets, but this view was enchanting to turn my thoughts the other way. The waves hit the sandy beach  midst the glazing sunset as I soaked in thoughts of my mind. I was there...just there... watching the sun set and set, till I could see it no longer. It was picture perfect!

I was quiet, happy and appreciating life for all that I had and even more for what I never wished to have!
I just wished time came to a halt and I could just sit there and watch the scene over and over again... It took me a while to believe in reality and come back to life as we motored through the back waters in semi darkness. The drive to Kanyakumari no longer played on our minds. We made the most of our road trip after the Poovar experience: stopped by a flower show, visited a random exhibition, watched churches lit in colours, all on the same day-night. The surprise continued to our joy when we were told that we had been offered an upgrade to a suite for coming in late at the Seasun Residency! (Travel just could not get better!)

The night was still longer; a small fight followed by laughter and cheers just added to the personally perfect day that came to an end at 3:30am!


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