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Coast to Coast: Day 3 (contd...)

To be continued... The drive from Cape Comorin to Rameshwaram was ' first class ' as we call in our local language. Our first stop was the windmills spot (wondering why? Of course, for photos). We took the luxury to halt the car and click numerous pictures, both natural and posed (including the current profile picture on fb). Being close to a windmill is a joy in itself! The drive was smooth, fast and we were not surprised when the speedometer showed a progressive shift from 120 through 180kmph. All said and done, we started to google for a beach to spend time with a setting sun. It was Eravadi this time. It was a perfect coastline and I etched to touch the curve as shown by google maps . Perfectly in time, we reached the fishing beach with no sight of people around. It was purely  about fishing; we could see fish bones ranging from small, medium to large that smelt of fish till our nostrils could no longer feel the difference. The creative director in Dhruva woke up t

Coast to Coast: Day 3

The perfect day that came to an end at 3:30am...  Our midnight sleep was short lived. The ring from reception woke us up at 5:45am and served as an alarm to help us spring out of our beds. Yes, the sunrise that we had yearned for, was scheduled for 6:15am by the heavens. The last night's strategy to check out the beach and parking really did not help. We were stopped by the police at the very beginning and we had no option but to get down and run. People threw anxious glances (as if it would make a difference)as the four of us ran, making way for ourselves to catch the first ray of sunrise. The run just din't seem to come to an end! (How I cursed my fitness levels and took pride in my will). The moment we reached, at what was supposed to be the sunrise point, it was swarmed with a gazillion heads! I was shell shocked to even take a stab at counting the number of people standing in front of me. A dejected me, stood there in hope to witness the beautiful sunrise right from th

Coast to Coast: Day 2

I was charged... I woke up early of a blocked nose and I knew Pranayam had to work its charm to keep me up for the day. A freshened I, took to the sofa and started breathing in and out in pursuit of bliss. Aastha did not miss the moment and started clicking till we walked out to find Dhruva giving the Figo a wash. 'Biscuit' was all-good-morning and reached us with the indeed innocent expression. I just could not resist not bringing him closer and played with him for a while. The next one hour just sped by- we were at the beach clicking introduction shots for the four of us. We left the beach at the earliest with a clear objective in mind: To watch sunset in Kanyakumari ! Little did we know, that it would be the most interestingly spontaneous day at hand... The drive to Kanyakumari looked pleasant until we chose to visit the Tangasseri beach as recommended by Google. It was a difficult choice: Sunset in Kanyakumari vs. Time at Tangasseri but we went with the la