Coast to Coast: Day 0

We decided to call our vacation: Coast to Coast (C2C fondly).This trip was going to be special! And I knew it right on Day 0. I could virtually check the second last item on my 'Wishlist 2012' that read 'Do something, I haven't done before'. My first travel companion was Dhruv followed by the lovely Ford Figo. It took me a while to recognize Mihir in his new look at the NetApp reception lobby. But before we realized, we had already hit the road to Kozhikode (To be pronounced as 'Koi-kode'). Mysore en-route, we din't spare a chance to have lunch at Dhruv's home before the coconuts could begin to challenge us. Memories from SDM came flooding by. For a moment, I was tempted to visit the campus but got away with it at this spectacular sight.(pic below. Photo Credits: Mihir) 
We cut through the forest (I believe it was the other side of Nagarhole) as the sunset. I was up in anticipation of spotting a lion or atleast a deer which was fairly impossible in the dark. The 'No stopping' advice came in from the elders in the car and I really missed Aastha's company. I played all the remixes in my song list as Dhruv and Mihir tried to control their mixed emotions. (How on Earth would I know that they had no clue about Bollywood songs!)

The forest came to an end and we stopped for a small break at the Kerala border. This was an amazing feeling to witness the border; to be able to see the change a footstep away. Everything felt so different: the air, the road, the people and even the darkness! My thoughts vanished as I we took the Waynad ghat that never seemed to come to an end. I could see my driving lessons flash through my mind as I recollected the hair pin bends only to feel worse with every curve.

Yes,it was little too tragic for me but I survived decent enough to ensure we reach Kozhikode in time. It was close to 9:00pm when we touched the city. The city was already in deep sleep and our quest to locate the accommodation got difficult. The owner was kind enough to guide us through every twist and turn but I still dread the car would plunge into water at the next turn! Finally, the Liberty House welcomed us with open black gates as I heard the sea/ocean roar in all its might. After a late dinner (aapam & egg sabzi), we took a walk to the Kappad beach (outlined by rocks) hardly a min away.
As I looked up in the sky, my happiness knew no bounds!!! Filled with stars and constellations, it was mesmerizing. Thanks to technology, I could spot Jupiter, Venus and Mars too I guess..( the pic here). With a heavy heart and a tired body, we walked back to the room. Stories, fun, gossip, crab shoot... the night just got better with two new great friends.... The morning could just be great!


  1. While reading... two places (Nagarhole & waynad)  mentioned in blog took me back to last OCT'13 :). Been to those places . No tiger.. no leopard only deers. Funny part is I saw few other animals on road than in wildlife sanctuary.  At one moment I prayed God that lion or tiger should attack on us ;). But overall ..sweet memories ..I was happy that I was surrounded by greenary for couple of days.  Also , realized that wild animals prefer deep forest than traffic roads. Hope you had a great time!


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