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Coast to Coast: Day 1

The morning could just be great... Indeed it was! I woke up at half past seven trying to peace the battle between the waves and a growling stomach. I was too excited to take a walk at the beach, all alone, but restrained my thoughts at Mihir's sight. He was too deep in sleep to be waken up but I felt an 'FYI' would help. He jumped out of bed to my call (the third one) and just followed (escorted) me to the breakfast bay. We ordered coffee and I took a stroll as the photographer got ready to harness his skills. We walked to the beach and it was simply a pleasant sight. All I could see was the stretch of coconut trees along the road and the sea on the opposite side till my sight could allow me. The sun was up and it was beyond my thoughts to frame all that I witnessed. I formed a small world of my own- it was the water, the sand and I...  I returned to the present as I caught a glimpse of Dhruva and Aastha in the car about 20mts away. And I knew, it was just go

Coast to Coast: Day 0

We decided to call our vacation:  Coast to Coast  (C2C fondly).This trip was going to be special! And I knew it right on Day 0. I could virtually check the second last item on my 'Wishlist 2012' that read 'Do something, I haven't done before'. My first travel companion was Dhruv followed by the lovely Ford Figo. It took me a while to recognize Mihir in his new look at the  NetApp  reception lobby. But before we realized, we had already hit the road to Kozhikode (To be pronounced as 'Koi-kode').  Mysore en-route, we din't spare a chance to have lunch at Dhruv's home before the coconuts could begin to challenge us. Memories from  SDM  came flooding by. For a moment, I was tempted to visit the campus but got away with it at this spectacular sight.(pic below. Photo Credits: Mihir)  We cut through the forest (I believe it was the other side of  Nagarhole ) as the sunset. I was up in anticipation of spotting a lion or atleast a deer which was fairly