Winter 2013: A Dream Come True!

It was an interesting day today! The best part being, a realization that dawned upon me: I cannot write more than 25 words/min in the literal sense (with a pen on a paper). As I wrote a letter to my maternal grandma, I felt how much I missed writing to my relatives and friends. Now they are all just a 'ping' away.

Giving writing a thought, brought to my attention the wish to capture my Dec'13 in a few posts, that has been long pending for now... I wonder how Winter just brings new hopes, surprises and joy to me; and Winter 2013 was no different! 2011 brought me close to a home away from home in College Station, 2012 saw the very own Mumbai and 2013 revealed a new horizon of beauty in India- down south.

It all started, when I eavesdropped a conversation in our cafeteria one fine afternoon. I need to thank Srikant for keeping my order of a veg sandwich on hold for long to help the cause. The small unsure 'yes, I will be glad to join you' was a dream come true on Dec 26,2013, when I left the borders of Bangalore for a journey of 2250+ kms in the next 8 days.

I hope to en-live our road trip that brought me closer to 3 new people (total-partial strangers) as we ventured through forests, ghats, roads, water by possible means of transport when and where an opportunity arose. All in all, it was fun, excitement, enthusiasm, emotions overloaded!  What takes 8 days to bring about a change in your life, should not ideally take more than 8 posts to share. Here begins ‘My Travel Diary’.


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