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Winter 2013: A Dream Come True!

It was an interesting day today! The best part being, a realization that dawned upon me: I cannot write more than 25 words/min in the literal sense (with a pen on a paper) . As I wrote a letter to my maternal grandma, I felt how much I missed writing to my relatives and friends. Now they are all just a 'ping' away. Giving writing a thought, brought to my attention the wish to capture my Dec'13 in a few posts, that has been long pending for now... I wonder how Winter just brings new hopes, surprises and joy to me; and Winter 2013 was no different! 2011 brought me close to a home away from home in College Station, 2012 saw the very own Mumbai and 2013 revealed a new horizon of beauty in India- down south. It all started, when I eavesdropped a conversation in our cafeteria one fine afternoon. I need to thank Srikant for keeping my order of a veg sandwich on hold for long to help the cause. The small unsure 'yes, I will be glad to join you' was a dream come tr