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What is this life, if full of care?

At 11:12pm on a Wed, I could find the time to do nothing and hence restore to my habit of reading. A broken back and a swollen eye came across as cherished gifts in this instance. I was pondering, trying to make a decision: What do I do now?  Having quenched my obsession with my new Canvas, I knew it was time to give some time to myself. The very thought that landed first on my agenda was marriage! (Wonder how things and thoughts change with time!) I chose to ditch ******matrimony for a while and restored myself to my habit of reading.  I was contemplating ‘Litigators’ (pending since Dec 2011) but what could offer me a better start- than my own piece of prose and poetry. As I skimmed through my webpage, I felt I was at a terrible loss. The only question that kept ringing in and out of my mind was “Where did this go?” My swollen eye reminded me of the days, I would just sit and gaze at the world outside and just think.  I was reminded of the joy I would derive from pouring my hear