India Inc. speeding away!

Better late than never!

Sounds familiar, isn't it? Well, guess the Execs who haven taken up the onus to build India Inc. have forgotten this  in the haste for meeting deadlines (read it as success!). If you have begun to think that I am back to my old interest of criticizing, you might wish to pat yourself. 
A sincere thanks to my raging fellow road crossers for instilling in me the determination to report this after 5 months of constantly watching the same scene about a double century times! Let me back up a little...

The 15 minute drive to my office is a boon when I leave at 8:55 am. A minute or two late, and we are halted at the pedestrian crossing signal for a while (feels like eternity). This is when I get off my car and walk to  cross the road to gleefully reach the huge Embassy Golf Links like everyday.

The BBMP was kind and responsible enough to put up a signal post to ensure that the pedestrians get their share of safety while crossing the road to reach one of the most renowned IT parks here. The concept was simple and easy. The green light flashes after a set time and the pedestrians cross the road!This was the only power that stopped me at the signal- the human figure in red;  reminded me of my class I traffic rules in school.

But this does not seem to have impacted the genius minds that code thousands of lines everyday. The change from a red to green is hardly 2 minutes away and people barge to the other side midst the mad speeding traffic. The human in red, though kind on weekdays, usually puts me off on a Monday.  It simply refuses to switch to green; only to make me realize that I need to act to find a solution to set the process right as I barge into the traffic. The thought of being fooled for 5 minutes just vanishes as I walk into the office premises with an enduring smile.

Someone said "Each person you meet has a story to tell and a lesson to teach". I have abundant in Bangalore to do the honours!


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  2. 8:55 am :O :O

    on a serious note, I am still in favor or Subway or an over bridge there. singals are hassle, creates chaos and increase pollution due to constant braking.


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