Dobre Utra Seliger 2012

"Seliger Again??!!! I am going to miss it for sure" 

And it was soon to be true...

Seliger has become one word so close to my heart, that it hardly felt an alien place this time! I knew it all- the food to the topics of discussion. Five days at Seliger and I could see my life turn in and out during a week's time.
Opptunity Clicked!
My world at Seliger was confined to the open spaces covering the picturesque beauty of nature; that overheard the waters of the lake, emanated the fragrance called unity in diversity, savored learning and fun from every individual and showered love, affection and friendship. It doesn't really seem like a confined space! Though I was relieved of the duties/ responsibilities of a participant, it was an opportunity to explore myself and give fun a chance.
Seliger brought together about 700 international participants together and still my friends list on facebook just saw a minute addition (of hardly ten). But then, it was about standing by each other and providing support to make an endeavor succeed this time. Being a part of Opptunity team made me an individual, glow with respect and pride as we worked near time to give the big stage its part of credibility and honour. The project that was given life last year was up and running; all to be nurtured and strengthened.
We celebrated  knowledge, camaraderie, trust and integrity during my week at Seliger. Not to forget the love bites and the intimate moments we shared with our fellow bugs and spiders, the battle to win with the sharp showers, the jeezy food, the silent whispers after midnight followed by the calls to Antooonnn! Also the gazillion pictures that we clicked to build the foundation for our memories to be cherished hereafter!!!
As the theme says,  we did "Enjoy Seliger"!


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