The Incredible Indian Night

Nowhere on Earth does humanity present itself in such a dizzying, creative burst of cultures and religions, races and tongues.
~ A Rough Guide to India

Seliger would not be complete without an evening dedicated to the flavours of Incredible India. With the biggest delegation, team India had a lot to showcase on the demands of the fellow participants on a voluntary platform. The evening sizzled with traditional outfits as all of us dressed in the best of the sarees and dresses to bring India live at Seliger. We were overwhelmed by the international participants who decided to be a part of the Indian family at large.
As the sunset, it continued to light due to the innumerable clicks that splashed from every possible corner. I could say, the air smelled no lesser than a wedding ceremony! The venue was all decorated in colourful dupattas and rangoli to welcome the Seligerians. In no time, we ran out of space to accommodate the curious and interested one world, that thronged to get glimpses of the classical dance performed by Gayatri. The classical dance was followed by a Bollywood number that added spice to the event. The end was much anticipated- we had to prove our crowd management skills to bring everything to rest. In a while, the much awaited fashion show brought on stage explicit Indian outfits that the photographers clicked to their heart’s content.
The evening had just begun and there was a lot more to be explored. We set up counters for Mehendi and in a little, we had snake lines at all the five! There was no discrimination: men or women! I had the most weird experience of drawing a ‘sardarji’ only for the reason that the American was fascinated by the turbans when he visited India in the winter. I was elated at my Mehendi skills for I could manage about ten palms/arms in an hour! The end dawned nearer, as we heard whistles from the guards, indicating that it was time to wrap up the show.
There was a call for a group photo and everyone gleamed- like it was the ‘Eureka’ moment! We cheered ourselves and the audience for making the show beautiful and memorable. Surabhi and Subhanka played the lovely host ensuring that no one kept an eye on time and energy! As it is said, “All is well that ends well”, we had much more to share and teach to carry forward the legacy of “Introducing the zero to the world”!


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