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Dobre Utra Seliger 2012

"Seliger Again??!!! I am going to miss it for sure"  And it was soon to be true.. . Seliger has become one word so close to my heart, that it hardly felt an alien place this time! I knew it all- the food to the topics of discussion. Five days at Seliger and I could see my life turn in and out during a week's time. Opptunity Clicked! My world at Seliger was confined to the open spaces covering the picturesque beauty of nature; that overheard the waters of the lake, emanated the fragrance called unity in diversity, savored learning and fun from every individual and showered love, affection and friendship. It doesn't really seem like a confined space! Though I was relieved of the duties/ responsibilities of a participant, it was an opportunity to explore myself and give fun a chance. Seliger brought together about 700 international participants together and still my friends list on facebook just saw a minute addition (of hardly ten). But then, it was abou

Being Human

Got a ‘ Being Human ’ shirt??? Probably yes! We do believe in updating ourselves with the latest trend even if we do not genuinely give it a thought. As I see the young and mid old wear colours and roam on the streets of Bangalore, I anchored myself to keep a count (not that I do not have better things to do ;)) Commercial Street in Bangalore is what SarojiniNagar is to Delhi . A fashionable crowd eager to make an earnest style statement, petty thieves looking for an enduring opportunity to put their hands to work, shopkeepers announcing the fab discounts in store amidst aspiring eyes that wish to own everything they pass by is a regular sight. We were proud of our timing to find a parking for the Hyundai I2O . It was going to be a family and fun day for the three of us (my aunty, her daughter and the writer). We walked down to the main street as I constantly nodded to the introduction tour of ‘Shopping in Bangalore’. It was noon before we found ourselves seated in a restau

The Incredible Indian Night

Nowhere on Earth does humanity present itself in such a dizzying, creative burst of cultures and religions, races and tongues. ~ A Rough Guide to India Seliger would not be complete without an evening dedicated to the flavours of Incredible India . With the biggest delegation, team India had a lot to showcase on the demands of the fellow participants on a voluntary platform. The evening sizzled with traditional outfits as all of us dressed in the best of the sarees and dresses to bring India live at Seliger. We were overwhelmed by the international participants who decided to be a part of the Indian family at large. As the sunset, it continued to light due to the innumerable clicks that splashed from every possible corner. I could say, the air smelled no lesser than a wedding ceremony! The venue was all decorated in colourful dupattas and rangoli to welcome the Seligerians . In no time, we ran out of space to accommodate the curious and interested one world, that

They Side Exist!

‘Co-exist’ has tend to establish itself as the word of the day in this economically political democratic country of ours.  This observation of mine comes from the two time daily 10 minute walk to one of the greatest place to work in the city of trees and gardens. Not to forget the amount of nicotine I am passively forced to take in, leave alone the nitrogens and carbondioxides. The footpath is the only road in Domlur that ensures guaranteed success in the unbeatable traffic that walks in parallel. As I walk by, I am disturbed by the half dozen unhygienic shelters that have invaded the footpath for a quarter kilometre. The usual scene includes representation of a member from each family settled there. I usually slow down when I see the kid taking a shot at the stones piled in front of him with concentration that reminds me of Arjuna and the bird on the tree. The kids applaud the player’s strike and fight for a chance to display their skills at the game.  The women wash utens