Opportunity strikes with Opptunity!

The 'then' Opptunity Team! Yay!!!
The World Cafe: As the name implies it indeed was a huge place where a relaxed atmosphere helped pitch in some of the most creative and novel ideas of the year 2011. To me the perception of a World Cafe before I went to be a part of it was about passing an hour of your time trying to come up with a new innovative model. Thanks to Saurabh Jain who got me 'in' with Laure that day for, I would not have been a part of the steadily growing Opptunity team.

Our discussion started with a group of five as Saurabh put forth his idea of Opptunity with an enthusiastic Laure leaving nothing to fate. The idea sounded convincing as we discussed about topics ranging from the structure of the organization to addressing financial concerns. All I could see was a recap of my MBA junior year as I saw how concepts applied themselves in a practical situation. Very true that learning indeed goes beyond the classroom but din't expect it could go as far as Russia! I would not continue to discuss about our topics of discussion as it solely belongs to Opptunity and I would not want to do it without permission from my Co-founders and team members! :)

Opptunity grew fond of us as we now celebrate diversity in our team and appreciate the voluntary work put in by each and every member of the team best to their capacities. This was evident in the result of the World Cafe Competition (that I could not make it to) that saw Opptunity amongst the top presentations. The zeal to take Opptunity to greater heights in embedded in every team member as Opptunity goes on to partner with Seliger 2012! Do I need to explain further? I do not think so!!! ;)

PS: For more details, visit www.opptunity.com 


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