A basket of love, friendship and hardship!

This basket has it All! :)
It just feels like yesterday when I was busy packing my bags trying to be polite to every relative who wished me happy journey and advised me to stay away from the 'firangs'. As I plan to do the same in a month's time at LISA 804 C, I wonder how quickly the time passed by.

My American friends here tell me that College Station is not a representative of the US. This helps me satisfy my boundless activities of desire at times but as I pondered over it last night, I was unwilling to accept the US any different from CS. In my post titled 'Phir bhi Dil hai Hindustani', I made it a point to mention how I refrain from being an NRI. With my short term stay at CS, I dread this comes against my post for the reason that I never found anything unacceptable that I could blog about.

The word 'gentle' commands respect and appreciation in the American context as I see the 'gentle'men/guys offer their seats to others despite the fact that the travel takes four minutes! The bus driver does not give up on accommodating students as he/she requests the students travelers to make place for the ones in line. Students choose to have a queue and wait patiently for their turn despite knowing that they are running late.Cars looks for pedestrians and bikes before they cross! Breaking the rules is far from reality!!! The respect for dignity, time and values is far ahead than what we can dream of.

When was the last time your Professor appreciated you even after you gave a not so good presentation? When was the last time you offered to open the door for someone when you entered the library? When was the last time you fought for work in a group project? When was the last time you were appreciated for your criticism of the class evaluation? Do I have the time to observe all these? Perhaps yes, I do! Only for a reason that every Aggie student/professor has this in him/her!Not to forget that every person you pass by greets you! If cricket is a religion in India, football is far away from the clutter! All it knows and sees is the spirit and the trust of Aggies. It just takes a visit to the stadium to make someone a huge huge huge fan!

Amidst innumerable deeds of respect, punctuality and Indianity, there lies an ocean of friendship in the Indian community of CS. What stands out in these people here is their genuine affection, conscious concern and unflinching enthusiasm for fellow Indians. A very close friend of mine asks, " Why is that Indians just do not go beyond making Indian friends when they go abroad?". Offending none, I firmly believe that its the mutual bond of love and trust that binds us together. (You will understand this before you celebrate your paper anniversary abroad!)

Though we continue to have annoying neighbors who keep pounding your floor expecting us to maintain silence,  we have better things to love and cherish. Though I might continue to walk on the right side in India, I would surely treasure this little basket of love, friendship and hardship J

As someone rightly puts it: "Once an Aggie, always an Aggie"!


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