Ways in a Day!

Our Big Bazaar!
Well what woke us up today was perhaps the most unique activity that was going to get mundane in the next few days. The Song (Shriya managed to find it online and post it on the IYF group of facebook) rather the shriek/ shrill/ monotonous tone/song made us sit straight in our tents. We now enjoyed brushing our teeth amidst double digits of strangers with a variety of styles; distinct though! It had been two days since we took a shower and it was high time we took a dip to make us feel clean and hygienic. The shower had not been yet set up for our camp and we took no time in using our neighbour’s despite the squeaks! That noon was perhaps the first time, I felt holy in my twenties as I took a dip in the lake. As the people abroad continued to take a sun bath, we began sorting out the water and sand to finish the process of bathing. The best part of it: No one could pollute the water with soap/shampoo. My hair felt soft and it served enough a motivation to carry out the same process after a couple of days. Given the cold and the rain, a shower once in two days seemed a decent proposal. Indians were everywhere! Its true of Texas A & M as well (I shall talk about this later!) I prefer not describing the menu of our lunch and dinner. All that I appreciate was the bottle of juice, bread and jam that taught me the real taste of India. Gujjus cant do it without food! To prove this true, Riddhi had her stocks filled; that ended up even till the day of departure. Our days went by with theplas, khakras, maggi and bhakarwadis. Gaurav’s laddus and ready-to-eat were our only hope to a bright foody future that we managed to share amongst ourselves. The night dawned at 2am as Antooonnnss made it to every tent wishing everyone a pleasant night!


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