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The World of Seliger

Amidst my agony and pain was a world away from the world- Seliger , with a picturesque beauty that I had often seen on the big screen and considered giving Tollywood a try! The serenity of the water, the warmth of the sun, the chirping of the birds, the fragrance of the mud and the never ending greenery on the other side promised me solace. Goodmorning, I am ‘Lee’ana! I am your translator and he is your instructor ‘Sasha’ (then)”, said a tall, cute and strikingly beautiful twenty year old from Samara, Russia. She was clever and a fast learner as she managed to mug up the names of the Indian delegation that seligerially resided at Camp no 329. Sasha could be characterized by his shyness and his love for saying “ I know NO English”. He kept to himself most of the times (till the last day) but was highly concerned and made sure that we attended all the lectures. Thanks to us that Sasha has discovered his Unique Selling Proposition (USP) that I shall dedicate a post to. After