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Nothing had worked in my favour and my prospects to be a Seligerian kept dropping down as days passed by. As if a wand of magic worked and I was travelling to the Bangalore airport to board the IA 636 to Delhi. “I shall be in Russia tomorrow”, I thought as chill ran down my spine. “You never know where you float with Aeroflot”, commented a friend of mine before my departure! The airsickness had already taken a toll on me but I struggled to keep it at bay with my unflinching enthusiasm. The landing at Moscow airport wasn’t a usual one, a delayed flight’s transition to the status of a cancelled flight took the Indian delegation of 18 to Jaypee Five Star Hotel. After a refreshing hot water shower, we shrugged off the drowsiness that was the result of a couple of hours in bed. My basic instinct said that I would not enjoy a mattress and a pillow for the coming ten days. I felt proud as I proved to be true:

Night 1: Bus journey from Moscow to Seliger Night 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 : Our tent at Seliger

A decade of Bollywood!

Guntur, 2001: I watch a movie with my family in one of the cinema houses that manages to screen Bollywood movies in the land of Telugu speaking people. I was elated to watch Hrithik on the screen. He was no doubt a heart throb of any Indian girl then. This movie was unique in its own way as it got the fans of three generations together; the Big B of first generation, the only SRK of the second generation, Hrithik Roshan, the third generation actor who redefined dance and looks! 
The Yash ChopraFilms had made its mark every time before and this was yet another time for them to hit the box office.  Kabhi Khusi Kabhi Gham...  
"It is all about loving your parents" - Karan Johar

A girl of 13, I was perhaps too young to understand the opportunity cost when relations and responsibilities weigh the same. All I remember is listening to sobs in the dark and a carried away audience leave the cinema hall in silence at the end of the movie.
Mysore, July 2011: Thanks to Star Plus, Zoya and Far…