What goes around comes around!

Hubli has been my home for a month now. Thought I have not been on the streets of Hubli except for a couple of times (for a movie twice), I find the place interesting. The people have more to give than what can be anticipated. Thanks to LEAD and Deshpande Foundation for hosting me till May.

It was on a Monday evening and Prashant, Program Manager, LEAD Bijapur asked me if we could have a snack time. Well, food has been a concern since the very moment I have stepped in Hubli! We shared our experiences over a local pizza and a chocolate milkshake for over an hour. Finally,he made sure that I got into the right bus to BVB, as I tried to wave him from the crowded bus.
The bus was no different from one in Andhra Pradesh, maybe any city in India for that reason. The sticker and a faded portrait of a woman in red seemed to catch no attention, as ‘gentle’men continued to occupy the seats. The next stop saw more working women get into this bus bound to Dharwad. I felt glad to be one among the young female population in the bus.
I asked a very tired aunty shouldering the weight of her heavy bag, if she wished to sit. She firmly nodded with enthusiasm that reminded me of the case of ‘lost and found’ in the desert of Egypt as in The Alchemist! I offered her the seat with no much choice and stood staring at the road for the next ten minutes. As I was about to get down, she called me to say “Thanks”. Her eyes spoke much more than what she had to say! I could see her respect for the deed and I was now sure that it was indeed the time to understand our responsibilities and act accordingly!
Rights would eventually follow…


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  2. There are not many who think of others smallest needs or even little bit of their happiness!
    Good that you made her comfortable by doing a small thing which every other person would not do, just because they don't want themselves to get strained by comforting other(strangers)!


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