Wacky Wisdom

The birth of neologism has seen it grow and find a distinct place in this millennium. Thanks to the ‘kewl dudes’ who nurtured it all through and put the oxford dictionary into a trans! Not even a single day passes without a ‘u’ and a ‘lol’.
The situation is no different in India. We are no exception as we suffer from the same disease of neologism. The FAD has recently found a home sweet home in India too. Exciting words/phrases, enchanting expressions, enticing Eurekas have become the order of the day. Everything a youngster relates to needs to be ‘wacky’! Gone is the word ‘crazy’.
There is no doubt that we still adore the Indian culture and look up to our elders with respect. We still follow our scriptures and believe in the consequences of bad deeds. We still listen to the story of Vikram & Betal! We love cricket and this proves us a true Indian! Just that our wisdom has gone way ahead and needs to be called ‘wacky’!


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