Fortune favours the brave

Today has been one of the best days of my life! I wonder where this energy and enthusiasm was hiding in Hubli until today. This group of 5: Vikas, Bhautik, Anup, Santosh and Manohar proved to me yet another time that responsibilities taken up can be contagious and fun despite the day’s schedule. I believe they will do the externals well this noon, after all fortune favors the brave!
The Furious Five

The commitment and interest shown by them in attending to the minute possible details of the Animal Health Camp at Tadas made me believe strongly that one need not fight for rights. When you take up a responsibility and stand strong till you see the result, the rights will be granted by then. I was all thankful to Karuna and LEAD for helping me collaborate the two organizations for the good of the villagers. I understand that the heroes deserve much more praise than I did in my endeavor to schedule the Animal Health Camp.

It turned out to be much more fun as we started by ignoring the toll booth. Thanks to our driver, Bhautik who sped the Innova with so much ease that the arms signalling to stop could no more be seen! I wish we have such young energetic people who put their exams on stake to work for a cause. After all, engineering is not the only thing in life. It is about being a better person at the end of the day!


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