Lost in Thoughts

It's been quite long since I tried to post anything new. Nothing around me seemed to move/motivate/inspire me to use my pen! Guess this is the first thing that could happen to an MBA graduate, busy  learning the skills to barge into a potential market.
I wonder how little girls bring me back into a world that calls for attention and action. As Harish Bhai silently drove us back home, I was still pondering over the beauty of the Taj. It was hell hot and I asked Harish Bhai to get curtains for the car. I wondered how people could brave the hot sun at 2 noon in Agra.                                      
Looking around in the stuck traffic, I noticed this little girl in deep thoughts!
Lost in Thoughts
The over-crowded auto promised no dearth of insecurity as people struggled to make place for each other. Unaware of the surroundings, immersed in deep thoughts was this little girl with no intention to understand what a better living could look like. Perhaps she had much more to worry and address as we tried to wave to her in vain.
She remained undisturbed by the horn, the dust, the heat and the screams! I could in no way read her. My Mom's efforts to maker her come to present paved off as she smiled back in approval as we sped from that place.
Was it poverty, child labour, insecurity, unprotective environment, lack of education....????? This might just be endless...


  1. she was lost in her own little world, where there's nothing to worry about. I guess!

  2. I wish the expression on her face said the same! :)


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