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The Brand called "Nationalism"

The Gujarat Parivar in Andhra, The Maharashtra Sangh in Gujarat, The Andhra Society in Delhi.... 63 years after independence, India still witnesses the "Nationalism syndrome" . We Indians have come to take Nationalism in a way quite different from what it actually signifies. We might not have given a thought to it when someone was asked to indicate Nationality in an application form. We might not have given it much importance when a friend abroad asked us about our nationality. We might not have left any chance to take credit when someone raised the question “Who invented zero?” During the recent concluded National Conference on Environment, Hyderabad, I met teachers from Delhi who were working for the Andhra Society there. The other day I was reading the newspaper to find that the Bengali Society in Bangalore is planning to celebrate Dusshera with great pomp and show. It was then this thought struck me. Why do people want to be identified and associated with societies they c