This post is the result of insomnia caused due to jet lag after having been to Brazil the last week for CONFINT 2010.

The International Conference on Youth and Children, Brazil will be the most cherished event of my life. The reasons??? To name a few
1) It was with regard to environmental concern as to how to bring about a change through the charter of responsibilities.
2) I was proved completely wrong for my negative opinion about the people abroad
3) I was proved wrong again for my belief that one cannot stay happy for long!
4) I was proved wrong this time for my opinion that unity in diversity lies only in India!

The above mentioned might seem equally confusing and enduring as it stimulates a little thought in some part of your never-to-rest mind. I have seen and been through all this personally and I can say it without hesitation that 'foreigners' who now have turned out to be sweet friends are the best people to be with. I have smiled so much in the past 14 days that I might not have done in the past twenty years!!! I could sense the fragrance of committment, dedication, warmth and affection at the same time. It was a concoction of serious work and fun unlimited endowed with the qualities of beauty, dignity and discipline.

At the end of the conference, I am made to understand that Unity in Diversity finds itself a place whenever and wherever a compassionate and conscious set of people come together to realise a global dream to make this Earth a better place to live in...

I had to restrict myself to a very timely and limited description of the event. Had it not been for the reason, I would have written a new blog for every day making the count to 14 posts! ;)


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