One Way!!!

It was after a very long time that I attended the college for one full day!!! It was five past five when the college bus dropped me on the main road.I crossed the road with great difficulty and then headed straight for my hostel. I usually have to walk for a km and then cross a narrow lane to reach the hostel.I was walking on the right side of the road when I suddenly found my conscience advising me to follow road rules for safety.

I proudly looked to the left, then to the right and again to the left before reaching the opposite side. Looking for vehicles on the left was a foolish thing I could do, as it was a One Way lane.I laughed at myself for being so stupid for looking to the left, right and then left!!! I was still smiling when a speeding vehicle drove past me, and yes he came from the left!I turned back to confirm its presence when another 'karizma' speeded in the wrong direction.

At the end of the day,I felt happy for not being that foolish in anticipating the way of the One Way ideology!!!The sign boards have to be made larger rather look larger...


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