International Woman's Day

March 8, 2010:

This day finds a place, very special, in my heart as I see "Women" being appreciated for their contributions in diversified fields.I find it weird and enthusiastic to jot down an incident-all positive from my perspective on this special occasion of International Women's Day.

Well, this took place somewhere in mid February. I was to attend the cultural and technical fest at IIIT, Hyderabad to collect my certificate of participation. The only means of transport was the friendly and old local because it offered a hassel free jorney despite the nuisance created by the'gentlemen'! That day, as usual, the local looked so crowded that I was sure to witness another fight.

To my astonishment, the Ladies compartment wore a deserted local and there was no sight of any gentleman!I just could not believe my eyes until I saw a policeman standing rather guarding the compartment. The very appearance of a policeman made me think that the Telangana-Rayalaseema issue had taken a serious stand in a way that even MMTS seemed afraid to operate normally.

Out of my inquisitive habit, I went up to one of the policemen and questioned him about his presence specially in the Ladies compartment. The answer I heard worried me a lot at the second thought as I could see that I would have nothing more to pen in this space hereafter!!!I would be left with no chance to question someone, provoke someone etc etc!!!

"It is on the orders of the DSP of Hyderabad, that we have been put on duty here. Cases of eve teasing and disorders have been reported. So, here onwards there will be two guards in every Ladies compartment and it will continue forever". This was in response to my question- "How far do you think would this seriously continue?

My happiness knew no bounds...Voices take long to be heard. But when they do, they echo and reverberate with such a high dB that it becomes difficult to turn a deaf ear!!!

Though the Women's Reservation Bill still awaits approval (since the past 13 years),let us celebrate the spirit of womanhood with freedom of thought and speech!

Proud to be ONE!


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