Rajpath witnesses 60 years of Glory!

It was amidst tight security that the Republic Day Celebration concluded in Delhi. The South Korean President, the guest of honour witnessed India's fineese in every aspect (includes the fog and mist!).The news channels went debating rather doubting India's identity of a Republic country as usual. I just wonder why this question comes up only on certain days; Ambedkar Jayanti included as well!

Twitter saw tweets right from defining the meaning of republic by eminent people to the celebrations by the aam aadmi ('mango man' as put by Saif in Love Aaj Kal). To be open about this, it was yet another holiday for some and a half day for the rest! I felt proud as I woke up at 8 due to the National Anthem being sung in the near by school.The rest in my hostel were sound asleep...

Though the 11 five year plan assures no food security as it did in the ninth five year plan, I found India on the road to self sufficiency and self efficiency. This might be a drop in the ocean but this was the orifice of a new self help protocol.

A poor female beggar, whome we would call a 'mad female' by looking at her attire(not much to look at, she was in rags)inspired me to a certain extent. All that was in her quota for that day seemed to be the 'chapati ka aata'. She had made the pavement her place of rest with her belongings hanged to the nearest fence.

She spit on the atta till she could mould it into the chapati making form and made chapatis in a round shape using the glass for the 'belan'.She had managed to burn a few papers on the road (thanks to the negligence of GHMC!) to make a meal for herself.I was surprised at her sense of discretion! India is growing and so are the people.

On this day, as the Rajpath witnesses 60 years of glory, I saw the Latin definition and the objectives of Republic come true in Golconda.


  1. I guess its almost a year after I switched to DD1.. it was the only channel showing RD Paradelive.. A better example of India growing can be found from the Speech of Obama, As he compared Indian economy with par with USA, a lot better than a mad female example(didn't like the way you compared :( )... And papers on the road aren't because of negligence of GHMC, Since there work is to collect it from the Waste bins..its negligence of Hyderabadi people who still throw papers on the roads..

  2. I respect your views. I believe that in the course of time we have tend to forget that India still rests in the villages and in the people who still fight for a living! This was an attempt to show the readers that even the other half is developing!

  3. u seem to be very optimistic about indian growth trajectory.And relatively sideline the concerning issues in your posts.mocking up on a begger It's the hell situation for almost 50%of the people of this country.Yes INDIA IS SHINING. BUT the question is FOR WHOM? WHO IS PAYING THE PRICE FOR THE EMPOWERMENT OF SUDDEN SECTION OF SOCIETY.
    Other half is'nt developing they r now more stagnant then ever before.

  4. @ Deepak

    Well the optimism was a result of the optimistic views. Wish you could see the same. "India is shining. For whom???" This seems a bit ridiculous. As a citizen of this country, it is for "US" to take up initiatives and work in directions that promise betterment than merely adopting the 'sit and criticize' policy. After all, it is for our own good that India is Shining.


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