A Man Of Letters

It was 17 January, 2010; the last date for submitting the applicaiton for Teach India, a Times Of India initiative that aims to provide educational opportunities to the unfortunate by utilising the services of those interested.It was due to certain engagements I could not find time to submit my application in time. But I was happy seeing that a thumping 17,000 applications had already been received.I felt that a few initiatives taken in this direction would help increase the literacy rate of India as a whole!

My thoughts vanished when I was returning home after finding a good harbour for my final year project. It was a satisfying experience as I finally had a platform to apply my engineering knowledge in practical! It was with this joy of fulfilling my duty as an engineer and a stomach aching out of hunger,I noticed a little kid on the pavement.

He was neatly arranging something with great care in an order on the road. A closer glimpse at it made me feel cold. It was the English alphabet!!! The most surprising thing was that the alphabets were chocolates!The colours tempted me and arouse my patient hunger to the maximum. The little boy with great dedication continued to learn the alphabets as directed by his mom.

I smiled and walked on... My thoughts wandered in the inner cells of my brain after all that I could hear from his mother. "If I have to make you a man of letters,I don't feel sorry for not being able to feed you now!" India is learning-was all that I thought as I got into the bus headed for Nallakunta. Teach India was on the run...


  1. you are a true citizen of India I am really proud to be your friend your expression is excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hello Amulya,

    Rather than trying for poetry(Read none as I understand a little of it :) ) try witting a fiction book I guess it would be great.

    Your thought process is amazing, liked your post, Happy Republic day.


  3. fantastic.. Like Chetan said above, U should really try ur hands at fiction as well, I think u'd be good at it..


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