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The Brand called "Nationalism"

The Gujarat Parivar in Andhra, The Maharashtra Sangh in Gujarat, The Andhra Society in Delhi.... 63 years after independence, India still witnesses the "Nationalism syndrome" . We Indians have come to take Nationalism in a way quite different from what it actually signifies. We might not have given a thought to it when someone was asked to indicate Nationality in an application form. We might not have given it much importance when a friend abroad asked us about our nationality. We might not have left any chance to take credit when someone raised the question “Who invented zero?” During the recent concluded National Conference on Environment, Hyderabad, I met teachers from Delhi who were working for the Andhra Society there. The other day I was reading the newspaper to find that the Bengali Society in Bangalore is planning to celebrate Dusshera with great pomp and show. It was then this thought struck me. Why do people want to be identified and associated with societies they c


This post is the result of insomnia caused due to jet lag after having been to Brazil the last week for CONFINT 2010. The International Conference on Youth and Children, Brazil will be the most cherished event of my life. The reasons??? To name a few 1) It was with regard to environmental concern as to how to bring about a change through the charter of responsibilities. 2) I was proved completely wrong for my negative opinion about the people abroad 3) I was proved wrong again for my belief that one cannot stay happy for long! 4) I was proved wrong this time for my opinion that unity in diversity lies only in India! The above mentioned might seem equally confusing and enduring as it stimulates a little thought in some part of your never-to-rest mind. I have seen and been through all this personally and I can say it without hesitation that 'foreigners' who now have turned out to be sweet friends are the best people to be with. I have smiled so much in the past 14 days that I mig

One Way!!!

It was after a very long time that I attended the college for one full day!!! It was five past five when the college bus dropped me on the main road.I crossed the road with great difficulty and then headed straight for my hostel. I usually have to walk for a km and then cross a narrow lane to reach the hostel.I was walking on the right side of the road when I suddenly found my conscience advising me to follow road rules for safety. I proudly looked to the left, then to the right and again to the left before reaching the opposite side. Looking for vehicles on the left was a foolish thing I could do, as it was a One Way lane.I laughed at myself for being so stupid for looking to the left, right and then left!!! I was still smiling when a speeding vehicle drove past me, and yes he came from the left!I turned back to confirm its presence when another 'karizma' speeded in the wrong direction. At the end of the day,I felt happy for not being that foolish in anticipating the way of t

International Woman's Day

March 8, 2010: This day finds a place, very special, in my heart as I see "Women" being appreciated for their contributions in diversified fields.I find it weird and enthusiastic to jot down an incident-all positive from my perspective on this special occasion of International Women's Day. Well, this took place somewhere in mid February. I was to attend the cultural and technical fest at IIIT, Hyderabad to collect my certificate of participation. The only means of transport was the friendly and old local because it offered a hassel free jorney despite the nuisance created by the' gentle men'! That day, as usual, the local looked so crowded that I was sure to witness another fight. To my astonishment, the Ladies compartment wore a deserted local and there was no sight of any gentleman!I just could not believe my eyes until I saw a policeman standing rather guarding the compartment. The very appearance of a policeman made me think that the Telangana-Rayalaseema issu

Rajpath witnesses 60 years of Glory!

It was amidst tight security that the Republic Day Celebration concluded in Delhi. The South Korean President, the guest of honour witnessed India's fineese in every aspect (includes the fog and mist!).The news channels went debating rather doubting India's identity of a Republic country as usual. I just wonder why this question comes up only on certain days; Ambedkar Jayanti included as well! Twitter saw tweets right from defining the meaning of republic by eminent people to the celebrations by the aam aadmi ('mango man' as put by Saif in Love Aaj Kal). To be open about this, it was yet another holiday for some and a half day for the rest! I felt proud as I woke up at 8 due to the National Anthem being sung in the near by school.The rest in my hostel were sound asleep... Though the 11 five year plan assures no food security as it did in the ninth five year plan, I found India on the road to self sufficiency and self efficiency. This might be a drop in the ocean but th

A Man Of Letters

It was 17 January, 2010; the last date for submitting the applicaiton for Teach India , a Times Of India initiative that aims to provide educational opportunities to the unfortunate by utilising the services of those interested.It was due to certain engagements I could not find time to submit my application in time. But I was happy seeing that a thumping 17,000 applications had already been received.I felt that a few initiatives taken in this direction would help increase the literacy rate of India as a whole! My thoughts vanished when I was returning home after finding a good harbour for my final year project. It was a satisfying experience as I finally had a platform to apply my engineering knowledge in practical! It was with this joy of fulfilling my duty as an engineer and a stomach aching out of hunger,I noticed a little kid on the pavement. He was neatly arranging something with great care in an order on the road. A closer glimpse at it made me feel cold. It was the English alph