Some things never change!!!

However, when I gave this incident a deeper thought, I grew restless. Was it true that this would once again prove to be only a way of corruption? Would this be helpful to people who would be running helter-skelter in need of blood? Would this really be given to the depressed who can never afford to buy it from a blood bank? The two minutes I was giving blood seemed to be the best minutes of my life when I decided that I would be doing this every year. But this just lasted for a limited time. I do not know if this would take the form I envisioned but I just wish it turns out be against the people’s thought.
There were many of my friends who could not do it, leave aside the other reasons. Many of them dropped just because their parents said a “NO”. I whole-heartedly wish that there comes a day, when people pour out to do something for a good cause, for the welfare of others.
It’s true that some things never change!!! Whether it be, the beggars in the local, the songs sung by the little boy (‘kya kiya re sanam’ from Welcome), the people who criticize everything done for a good cause and last but not the least- Myself! I will keep up this good thing until people join me in this endeavor!
And then things will surely change!!!


  1. yeah what you've said is true...Why people are so selfish..hope that a day comes when every parent in India encourage their children to donate blood...even i have such experience when I donated blood for the first time but then I've explained him and from then my parents never stopped me...thanks to my wonderful parents


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