Indian Innocence

The quality factor called Innocence rests in the little Indian minds whom we call the "tomorrow's citizens". These Indian minds; so tender,unbiased,uncorrupt,honest give us a vision to envision the future. A small incident that showcased the Indian Innocence is still afresh in my memory.

The same daily local....

I was returning by the evening local.It was Saturday. The local is a nightmare on Saturday eves! The picture one can vividly recall is that of the Train To Pakistan (courtesy:KhushwantSingh).People lingering out of the compartments, no space to inhale O2 and exhale CO2....

The best comfort available is in the ladies compartment. A lady got in at one of the stations with pride while the men were fighting to get into the general compartment.She had a kid around 7 years old.(I knew it after the TTE enquired about the kid's age).
The TTE came in to check the tickets.

When he came to the lady, there was an argument. People got up from every seat to see the nuisance. The thing was that the lady had not bought a ticket for her son. She said she dint know that kids aged 7 need a ticket. The TTE tried to explain her but in vain.Then she turned to her co-passengers after showcasing her intelligence as if she expected a round of applause.

The TTE left. He was standing near the door. A small kid aged 5 yrs came and reached for the TTE's palm with great difficulty. The kid said " You din't ask for my ticket. Here it is!"

I was touched! The TTE too.... He just glanced at the lady and then at this kid. The kid said "Children above 5yrs need to take a ticket". Then the kid got down at the station. The lady looked ashamed now.

I realized that it was the Innocence that was still present in the little Indian minds. Innocence of mind and heart. On one hand was the lady who argued that she din't know about it and on the other was this kid....


  1. On this context I will like to share a small story…
    It was a cold eve of winter in a small town in a small island country who struggled a lot in world war II. One of the greatest novelist, poet, painter or rather a philosopher of all times from India was taking a walk on the street enjoying an orange. He pilled off the fruit and carelessly dropped it on the foot path.
    A little girl who was going with her mother have seen that and unlatching her mothers firmly clutched hand crossed the foot path and picked that orange pill and put that in a road side dustbin with out saying a word.

    This silent act put Ravindranath Tagore to a deep shame.
    This is the secret behind Japan what it is now after the rampage done after Hiroshima & Nagasaki incident.


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