Phir bhi dil hai Hindustani!

I wonder if things like this happen only in India or abroad. I never heard my friends or relatives talking about such silly things when they come on a vaccation to India.On the other hand, they keep comparing the Indian way and the way abroad. Trust me, I feel my blood boiling at a temp of 100C!!!

People born and brought up in this country, speak in such a way, just because they have been abroad for a certain period.And what do we do at that time??? Keep praising the system abroad?(it's worth praising!) Keep boasting about it to our neighbours!But why don't we give it a thought, to implement it, follow those rules and maintain that discipline???

Well hope these things happen in the near future... Things may or may not happen.India may be The India I dream of and the not part has equal probability too. Phir bhi dil hai Hindustani! Whatever happens,the love for this "desh" (country) will remain the same.


  1. :) I understand the vigour of this post. I am going to face a lots of it when i come back and talk crap! Haha. You cannot compare oranges and apples. Its something like that. They are two different worlds.

    As Shashi tharoor says..

    "NRI" - Non resident Indian or
    "NRI" - Never Really Indian ??


  2. Amulya your blog is really worth reading tells a lot about you being a sensitive Indian and quite emotional too.
    I have something to say on this every country has its own problem and nothing can be perfect it can tend to perfection though. This is not about those NRIs but this is about human physiology we think that what we have is not enough even we often feel that our neighbor is more happy than we are. Even we often overlook our strengths and goodness. Sometimes we become so desperate that we only try to portray our merits hiding the demerits or the problems we have to make others feel that I am better that the mass. That’s what they want to say even though they are born in this country they try to express that they are in a place better than there motherland, hiding all the problems they face as a outsider out there. Yes they say that because even they can’t forget the good ness of there own India… Phirbhi dil hain Hindusthani ;)
    This proves they miss India more than we do…. He hee heee…I pity on them… 

    Jai hooo!!!

  3. excellent point ! amazed at your skills of blogging. kudos to such a great job amulya. :) have read all of em.

    but this one surely is one point that is prevalent the most. it happens everywhere.

    i would add one more thing, as they say the grass is always greener on the other side, it appears to us that the life is fantastic over there...but i am sure its the same everywhere. its just our perception that matters !!


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