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Phir bhi dil hai Hindustani!

I wonder if things like this happen only in India or abroad. I never heard my friends or relatives talking about such silly things when they come on a vaccation to India.On the other hand, they keep comparing the Indian way and the way abroad. Trust me, I feel my blood boiling at a temp of 100C!!! People born and brought up in this country, speak in such a way, just because they have been abroad for a certain period.And what do we do at that time??? Keep praising the system abroad?(it's worth praising!) Keep boasting about it to our neighbours!But why don't we give it a thought, to implement it, follow those rules and maintain that discipline??? Well hope these things happen in the near future... Things may or may not happen.India may be The India I dream of and the not part has equal probability too. Phir bhi dil hai Hindustani! Whatever happens,the love for this "desh" (country) will remain the same.