Where do we stand as a Nation???

India, a country that boasts of its rich tradition and cultural heritage turned 61 on this August 15, 2008. This largest democracy in the world stands testimony to non-violence and patience. Fortunately or unfortunately India has stepped into yet another year of its independence, where indiscipline is still the order of the day. The thing that pesters me is “Is India still in the nascent stages or nearing retirement or has it already retired???” What made me think in this direction? Well the answer to this is a very simple one. Anyone who would witness this would doubt this country’s legacy where women are regarded as the better half even in the scriptures.


  1. I would like to add to your post.

    This is THE Question of the hour. Butchering almost all young educated minds today. What is this!! Where is this going.?

    Why do we still have caste in our constitution? Why dont we still call ourselves democracy? (hypocrisy!!). Why is that everything is changing except spineless politics.? What is the so called society doing?

    We keep watching as usual living a life of adjustment. I remember the days in Bangalore where i used to fight everyday with the auto guy for exploiting me in my distorted kannada. I vividly remember when they snatched my bags in Delhi, calling me a madarasi!!. And the day, i was mugged in my own street in Madras.

    We shout, we can express, We have the democracy for that. But can we change! The momentum against the change (inept goverment) is too huge for an individual like you or me to handle.

    How do we change the conscience of the society? If it has one.


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