What do you think???

This is for the people reading my blog. What do you think might have happened? Did they get down accepting their mistake? Perhaps many of you might have guessed it right! Else this blog would never exist!

"This is ladies compartment..." "I know" was the immediate reply. " Then you should know that you as an educated citizen should not get into the ladies coach". This was how my mind spoke for me. I was partially rude but I was not guilty for it.Then the man turned to the rest of his friends and said "This educated girl is asking me to get down, whereas she could have asked all of us to do it!" and began laughing! Everyone was a spectator but none spoke for me. I was shocked to see how people can be so submissive rather tolerant to injustice...Even my freinds' din't utter a word.

At last! The TTE got into the compartment after a lot of struggle. I was very happy to visualize the consequence but my happiness dint last long. The TTE asked them to get down at that particular station. Either they convinced him or pleaded him remains unknown to me, but they continued standing there like a king who won back the throne after a war! The TTE got down at the next stop and the men grinned at me, celebrating their win.


  1. Its so sad that we live in the passive world of emotions. Sometimes, they (in this case the particular group of men) lower their spirits worser than parasites.

    We blame everything for poverty, unemployment and corruption. But what about this "shitty attitude"? How do we change it.?

    I have been in occasions, where people have been harassed in public, where policemen just watch
    blindly, political thugs! What do we do!!

    I feel sometimes, we need real Batman/Batwoman with laser guns to vapourise this kind. Maybe then the whole country will perish!!

  2. So by this what do you want to convey?

  3. You should have taken the name of the TTE and should have dropped a complaint against him describing the entire story. You know very recently I had made such a complaint against the postal department and mailed all the hire officials online. Yes I got reply from one of them and few things were been changed updated in there website also. I know there is a question that your voice would reache the concerned official who can make a difference or not but if we all try to raise our voice we can make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race…


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