The thoughts crept......

I felt dejected. Was it not his duty to get down with the others instead of telling that i only asked him to get down? Is it still the divine faith that men are superior, dominating this society? It was at that point of time that this thought crept into my mind " Is India at 61 nearing retirement? Or is it too young to cope up with such small differences(rather indifferences) in the society( believe or not!). Have voices like mine been raised in these 61 years that continue to fall on deaf ears? Or is it that the voices are raising now? The better option seems that the voices have been suppressed in these 61 years.The thing is that India has never changed since 1947! Developing technologically is not the only aspect considered when taken into account. Developing into a strong human force is the basic need of the hour! When you have man power, things automatically fall in places... But when will people understand such a small and simple logic! People need not scratch their brains nor put tremendous effort to get this done! Humanity endowed with sincerity is the requirement!


  1. There have been voices every where all over time. Today its heard, thanks to internet. But, i am not sure if just voices will help. It is not that as if people are not aware of this issue. Every body is certainly aware.

    It is that they dont want to change! How can you cure someone who pretends to be blind! :(

    PS: I added your page to my blog roll. Hope it is ok with you. :)


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