Independence Day!!!???

I could do nothing to support myself that day. Neither the government nor my friends came to my help when I was yearning for a cause where everyone’s concern was involved. My confidence crumbled into pieces. Hoisting the National Flag and singing the National Anthem on Independence Day, with no respect for it is a shame to the society.

It’s time we change our thought process. The government can’t take care of each and every aspect.Certainly they can paint the picture of a woman and write "Ladies" on it!(hopefully in a better way) Though they do their best, the responsibility lies in our hands. (As in the case of the TTE).

“Charity begins at home”. It’s time to take the initiative. Let us all work in this direction to curb such a menace pertaining in the society, so that women get equal rights in every aspect.


  1. What you wrote reflects what perhaps many of us feel, but are too wrapped up in personal spaces, to try and even think of anything else, but you know, personal spaces too can be turned into battlegrounds, where each of us can wrestle what we feel are our demons, and maybe that is a way we can make a small start towards making a difference.


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