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Indian Innocence

The quality factor called Innocence rests in the little Indian minds whom we call the "tomorrow's citizens". These Indian minds; so tender,unbiased,uncorrupt,honest give us a vision to envision the future. A small incident that showcased the Indian Innocence is still afresh in my memory. The same daily local.... I was returning by the evening local.It was Saturday. The local is a nightmare on Saturday eves! The picture one can vividly recall is that of the Train To Pakistan (courtesy: KhushwantSingh ).People lingering out of the compartments, no space to inhale O2 and exhale CO2.... The best comfort available is in the ladies compartment. A lady got in at one of the stations with pride while the men were fighting to get into the general compartment.She had a kid around 7 years old.(I knew it after the TTE enquired about the kid's age). The TTE came in to check the tickets. When he came to the lady, there was an argument. People got up from every seat to see the

Phir bhi dil hai Hindustani!

I wonder if things like this happen only in India or abroad. I never heard my friends or relatives talking about such silly things when they come on a vaccation to India.On the other hand, they keep comparing the Indian way and the way abroad. Trust me, I feel my blood boiling at a temp of 100C!!! People born and brought up in this country, speak in such a way, just because they have been abroad for a certain period.And what do we do at that time??? Keep praising the system abroad?(it's worth praising!) Keep boasting about it to our neighbours!But why don't we give it a thought, to implement it, follow those rules and maintain that discipline??? Well hope these things happen in the near future... Things may or may not happen.India may be The India I dream of and the not part has equal probability too. Phir bhi dil hai Hindustani! Whatever happens,the love for this "desh" (country) will remain the same.

Independence Day!!!???

I could do nothing to support myself that day. Neither the government nor my friends came to my help when I was yearning for a cause where everyone’s concern was involved. My confidence crumbled into pieces. Hoisting the National Flag and singing the National Anthem on Independence Day, with no respect for it is a shame to the society. It’s time we change our thought process. The government can’t take care of each and every aspect.Certainly they can paint the picture of a woman and write "Ladies" on it!(hopefully in a better way) Though they do their best, the responsibility lies in our hands. (As in the case of the TTE). “Charity begins at home”. It’s time to take the initiative. Let us all work in this direction to curb such a menace pertaining in the society, so that women get equal rights in every aspect.

Rights, Remedies????

Even on this Independence Day, the women force was promised equal rights like any other time. But what is the use? In a country where even the basic rights granted to a woman are not followed, equal rights just seem to be a dream to be cherished. Many of my friends who read this blog replied in the same old traditional way " This is a very small and a common thing! Nothing can be done about this!" I agree! This might be a small thing but small things change things at larger scale. "Little drops of water, Little grains of sand, Make the mighty ocean, And the pleasant land! Little deeds of kindness, Little words of love, Make our Earth an eden, Like the Heaven above!"

The thoughts crept......

I felt dejected. Was it not his duty to get down with the others instead of telling that i only asked him to get down? Is it still the divine faith that men are superior, dominating this society? It was at that point of time that this thought crept into my mind " Is India at 61 nearing retirement? Or is it too young to cope up with such small differences(rather indifferences) in the society( believe or not!). Have voices like mine been raised in these 61 years that continue to fall on deaf ears? Or is it that the voices are raising now? The better option seems that the voices have been suppressed in these 61 years.The thing is that India has never changed since 1947! Developing technologically is not the only aspect considered when taken into account. Developing into a strong human force is the basic need of the hour! When you have man power, things automatically fall in places... But when will people understand such a small and simple logic! People need not scratch their brains n

What do you think???

This is for the people reading my blog. What do you think might have happened? Did they get down accepting their mistake? Perhaps many of you might have guessed it right! Else this blog would never exist! "This is ladies compartment..." "I know" was the immediate reply. " Then you should know that you as an educated citizen should not get into the ladies coach". This was how my mind spoke for me. I was partially rude but I was not guilty for it.Then the man turned to the rest of his friends and said "This educated girl is asking me to get down, whereas she could have asked all of us to do it!" and began laughing! Everyone was a spectator but none spoke for me. I was shocked to see how people can be so submissive rather tolerant to injustice...Even my freinds' din't utter a word. At last! The TTE got into the compartment after a lot of struggle. I was very happy to visualize the consequence but my happiness dint last long. The TTE asked


This incident changed my thoughts once for all. The local was packed owing to holidays at a stretch. A few men got into the ladies compartment(knowingly or unknowingly), when there was no place for the ladies to stand.They stood near the door and proved to be an obstacle for the ladies getting into the coach. I thought that they would get down at the next stop because they were aware of the inconvenience they were causing. They proved me wrong and continued standing there, commenting every lady getting in! They were of my father's age. But I felt a strong urge to stop them. I got up from my seat, walked up to them and said "This is ladies compartment..."

Life in a Local.....

I go to college by the local train. Thanks to the government of A.P that we still have a mode of transport that gives us comfort and save lot of time in this polluted hi-tech city. As usual there are three general compartments, first class and three coaches exclusively reserved for ladies. Often it happens that people unknowingly get into the ladies compartment and the first class. They get down at the next stop when they realize it.There are people who even get in without a ticket. There are ladies trying to escape from the TTE saying that their ticket is with their husbands,kids who try to snatch away your cell phones, once the train starts! Not to forget the beggars who pretend to be physically handicapped... This is the order of life, I witness daily!

Where do we stand as a Nation???

India, a country that boasts of its rich tradition and cultural heritage turned 61 on this August 15, 2008. This largest democracy in the world stands testimony to non-violence and patience. Fortunately or unfortunately India has stepped into yet another year of its independence, where indiscipline is still the order of the day. The thing that pesters me is “Is India still in the nascent stages or nearing retirement or has it already retired???” What made me think in this direction? Well the answer to this is a very simple one. Anyone who would witness this would doubt this country’s legacy where women are regarded as the better half even in the scriptures.