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Everyday I woke up from a deep sleep,I wondered if the little girl had a sound sleep. When I had my breakfast,I wondred if she might have had her's. While eating lunch,I thought of her menu. While munching snacks, I could feel her longing for tasty snacks. While relishing my mom's biryani, I wondered if her mom would have at anytime made it for her. All this was practically impossible but I craved for her luxuries!

The most surprising thing is that the house, the little girl lived in was beside the most famous school in the city. The school run by the premiere institution, could not find out a girl's desire to study. What a pity!!! The most promising scene occuring everyday- children of the elite getting down from the costliest cars, the drivers following them carrying their bag till the gate. The little girl stood on her doorstep and watched the children disappear into the school with a remarkable sense of excitement.

What was going through her mind??? Perhaps she kept thinking that she too would join the same school one day or any other school to study. She too would have a school bag of her own, that she could proudly carry. A waterbottle, a tiffin box, new books and many other things...


  1. The little girl seemed to have a deep and significant influence in your life then!

    I hope she is ok now!


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