The end???

All this happened few years back. We shifted our house and I din't have any work on my little girl's way. Later I shifted to Hyderabad. The last time I went home for vacation, I was astonished to see a huge development in Vijayawada. Shopping malls had sprung up everywhere. The roads were widened and in some parts the process was going on. The city wore a festive look.

Suddenly I remembered the little girl, for the house they lived in was on the roadside. What might have happened??? The next day I made up my mind to go and find it out for myself. Early morning I went there. As expected there was no house! The house was a debris and nothing more! The little girl was to be seen nowhere. The people who used to live there had shifted to the other side of the road but this little girl was not to be seen anywhere.

Numerous thoughts ran in my mind. Whether the little girl had moved to some other place with her parents? Was she appointed as a full day servant by some rich? Was she given away in marriage for money? Was she sent to some other place so that she could earn? Filthy thoughts filled my mind because I cared for her dearly. This was the end of our relationship, the little girl and me! I could neither give her anything nor do something for her in times of need.( even in my presence or absence).

On this Independence day, my friends asked me if India was 60 years old or young. I answered old, remembering the little girl. My friends were on the other side weighing the technological development. But at night, when I was thinking about all that happened in the morning, a thought came to me. If at all the little girl was asked that question what would she answer?

My conscience spoke for her. It said, "India is 60 years young for I have the dare to dream whereas my parents never dared to!". The little girl though not present before me continued to inspire me as usual. I opened my diary to write the incident and came through the poem I wrote for her...

The girl yesterday I met,
Hath a study free fate.

Working as a labour was her only mate,
For which she would get a high rate.

I don't know who her parents were.
Leaving her nicely purple dressed.

She carried a water filled bucket on head,
Like an elephant on an ant's head.

She was barely four years old,
How could she suffer for that untold?

The little girl will always be a part of my life and I salute her for overcoming all that untold!!!


  1. A nice one..its inspiring too..keep up ur gr8 job

  2. Hello Amulya,
    i saw your name on my blog as a follower.
    i visited your blogs.
    why don't u put your email address on your that people can communicate to u.
    wish u all the best for your future studies, for your progress on the path of poetry and blogging as well.
    keep it up.
    --nikhil joshi

  3. beautifull.....vry beautifull.....u hv a heart of gold..dats never gona b sold...ur weight is presumably never gona b measured..coz...its inert.....keep on..carry on......ur mentality is rare 2 find.....god has bestowed a lot of blessings upon u...take care...keep in tch..

  4. u are just unbelievable AMULYA!!
    By god.... i am speechless!!

    Stupendous work and poem as well.


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