Poverty- The Thousand Headed Monster

I returned home that day. I still could not console myself for what I had seen and all that I had heard. I could only scribble the below poem....

A happy Children's Day it was,
A girl near the heap thrash was.

Crying bitterly for her only doll,
Whom she loved of all.

I passing by that way,
Showed her the hope of ray.

Asked the reason for her cry,
Crying she said with a heavy sigh.

My mother threw it out of rage,
Due to my father's daily wage.

What's the fault of the little girl?
Who had nothing to do at all!

Being poor is her only fault,
She even can't play with a doll.

Why the hell this poverty?
Oh poverty! Why don't you leave our people?

You will be shown the door
When everyone has their own chore!

Children's Day!! This day is celebrated to ensure that the child's rights are guaranteed but many in our ambience are not entilted to these rights. I felt guilty of myself for I could do nothing for the little girl. Though educated, capable of questioning the government, I kept quiet...

If many voices raise against indiscrimination towards these children, we can surely see that poverty is put to an end. After all, United we stand and divided we fall!

About the chocolates I took to offer her??? I just gave it to her but she threw them away because it was only the doll she wanted. This taught me another lesson- Never be greedy!


  1. WOW!!!!
    Well done Amulya..........
    In this generation where the students are thinking of settling in abroad and making good money,with luxurious living,your thoughts for the country are really awesome.......
    Yeah... it is a truth that united we stand n divided we fall... but taking the initiative needs a great deal of courage....
    Finally i want to complement your poem. The kind of vocabulary and rhyme used is really good....
    Eagerly waiting for u to write again..
    ALL THE BEST....

  2. That is a masterpiece Ammu...
    probably and as far as I know, the best of the poems that came from you....
    The way you wrote and that style of writing are simply awesome.

    well done and hope you will come up with much more excellent posts in your blog....

  3. Your sense of empathy for poor and down-trodden is exemplary. Keep up the good work and come out with explicit comments on issues connected to human beings.

  4. After reading this, i feel there is a lot more to know about u... at the same time learn..... i really respect u , ur views, ur passion for a better nation and ur ideology!!

    Coming to the poem, its awesome!! U told dt u write... never expectd u 2b this good a writer.

    Proud to know you! No other girl i knew til now is like you!


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