It was November 14....

Many days passed. I was busy with my own work- my studies, tuitions and all the daily curricular activities.... In fact I forgot about the existence of the little girl, who a few days ago had inspired me a lot!!! This is the basic human mentality. Anything effects the mind for a few days and after that, the impact evaporates!

The exams were over and I was free once again. It was November 14, Children's Day. So the very first thought in my mind took me to the little girl. I decided to take some chocolates for her. It was really a great sense of excitement because it was the first time I decided to do something good for a poor little girl.

I went to that place, parked my two wheeler and started searching for the little girl. She was always at the same place at that time.But this time,finding her seemed difficult. I tried in vain to find her. I was very upset as I could not giver her what I had bought. I almost, in a dejected state turned to leave and it was then.....

I could here someone weeping bitterly. I could only hear the cry but could not see who it was. There was a big municipal dustbin(usually present on the roads) and the cry came from there. At first I dint feel like going there, near that dirty, unhygienic dustbin but I was curious to find, who was behind it. I closed my nose with my handkerchief and went near the dustbin. To my surprise it was my little girl!!!!

She was sitting behind the dustbin, on a heap of thrash weeping bitterly as if she was comfortably seated on a tuffet of grass! Tears rolled out of my eyes... I caught hold of her hand and dragged her out of that dirty place. I asked her the reason for her cry.She kept sobbing but din't utter a single word...


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