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Poverty- The Thousand Headed Monster

I returned home that day. I still could not console myself for what I had seen and all that I had heard. I could only scribble the below poem.... A happy Children's Day it was, A girl near the heap thrash was. Crying bitterly for her only doll, Whom she loved of all. I passing by that way, Showed her the hope of ray. Asked the reason for her cry, Crying she said with a heavy sigh. My mother threw it out of rage, Due to my father's daily wage. What's the fault of the little girl? Who had nothing to do at all! Being poor is her only fault, She even can't play with a doll. Why the hell this poverty? Oh poverty! Why don't you l

It was November 14....

Many days passed. I was busy with my own work- my studies, tuitions and all the daily curricular activities.... In fact I forgot about the existence of the little girl, who a few days ago had inspired me a lot!!! This is the basic human mentality. Anything effects the mind for a few days and after that, the impact evaporates! The exams were over and I was free once again. It was November 14, Children's Day . So the very first thought in my mind took me to the little girl. I decided to take some chocolates for her. It was really a great sense of excitement because it was the first time I decided to do something good for a poor little girl. I went to that place, parked my two wheeler and started searching for the little girl. She was always at the same place at that time.But this time,finding her seemed difficult. I tried in vain to find her. I was very upset as I could not giver her what I had bought. I almost, in a dejected state turned to leave and it was then.