Perhaps none knows!!!

The day one is born- happiness and cheers are in the air. What the future holds for the new born is perhaps unknown to everyone. The child comes in this world with many things perhaps all the things untold. This world- humanity, jealousy, egoism,happiness, sorrow and many other things form the order of the day.How does the child manage to cope with these many emotions even on not being told about it????? One may call it the instinct or something else. But if a thought is lend on this the reason comes out to be something else........


  1. The birth of every child signifies the faith of GOD on human beings. Of course, the child comes to this world and everything untold and unknown. The child is innocent, the nurturing of the parents and the teaching(s) of the teachers keep the child exposed to the constant happenings around and experiences life as it comes.Then the child's innocence slowly transforms to experience , and all the more it is life which puts the child to test at first, and then teaches lessons. If the child is sensitive and nature loving ..
    ' One impulse from the vernal wood, may teach the child more of man, of good and evil ,than all the sages can...'
    I think, you 've known about 'The Seven Stages of Man',and so, this is only a simple thought, all the best.


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