Hope and happen!!!!! This is the pair that is never seen unpaired! Hope is always followed by happen. But does this really follow in our practical life??? May be or may not be.....

The next day I went to the same place where i had seen the girl last evening. She was still wearing the same dress. Perhaps it was the only dress she had... She was very cheerful and was playing with street dogs. She was enjoying pulling the dog's tail. Then suddenly she looked up. I din't understand her sudden change of mind. She kept staring at the sky till she could no longer see the object that distracted her attention.

You know what it was??? It was an aeroplane!!! The aeroplane,that daily flies over a thousand times. The aeroplane,we dont even care to see if it is flying or not.
The enthusiasm in her eyes reflected her mind. Her eyes said "I wish I could be in that aeroplane. Hope this could Happen!"

Tears rolled out of my eyes when i saw the zeal in her to fly in a plane, the zeal to touch the sky, the zeal to achieve a great thing in life! We people though provided with opportunities dont tend to care about them. On the other hand there are children deprived of many rights, that are useless to many in our ambience... I dont know when would these children be recognized and their intention to achieve succeed. "Hope this Happens" soon....


  1. Amulya your blog is too good. At this young age your performance is appreciable. I am proud of you!


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