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The end???

All this happened few years back. We shifted our house and I din't have any work on my little girl's way. Later I shifted to Hyderabad. The last time I went home for vacation, I was astonished to see a huge development in Vijayawada. Shopping malls had sprung up everywhere. The roads were widened and in some parts the process was going on. The city wore a festive look.

Suddenly I remembered the little girl, for the house they lived in was on the roadside. What might have happened??? The next day I made up my mind to go and find it out for myself. Early morning I went there. As expected there was no house! The house was a debris and nothing more! The little girl was to be seen nowhere. The people who used to live there had shifted to the other side of the road but this little girl was not to be seen anywhere.

Numerous thoughts ran in my mind. Whether the little girl had moved to some other place with her parents? Was she appointed as a full day servant by some rich? Was she given…

My thoughts...

Everyday I woke up from a deep sleep,I wondered if the little girl had a sound sleep. When I had my breakfast,I wondred if she might have had her's. While eating lunch,I thought of her menu. While munching snacks, I could feel her longing for tasty snacks. While relishing my mom's biryani, I wondered if her mom would have at anytime made it for her. All this was practically impossible but I craved for her luxuries!

The most surprising thing is that the house, the little girl lived in was beside the most famous school in the city. The school run by the premiere institution, could not find out a girl's desire to study. What a pity!!! The most promising scene occuring everyday- children of the elite getting down from the costliest cars, the drivers following them carrying their bag till the gate. The little girl stood on her doorstep and watched the children disappear into the school with a remarkable sense of excitement.

What was going through her mind??? Perhaps she kept th…

Poverty- The Thousand Headed Monster

I returned home that day. I still could not console myself for what I had seen and all that I had heard. I could only scribble the below poem....

A happy Children's Day it was,
A girl near the heap thrash was.

Crying bitterly for her only doll,
Whom she loved of all.

I passing by that way,
Showed her the hope of ray.

Asked the reason for her cry,
Crying she said with a heavy sigh.

My mother threw it out of rage,
Due to my father's daily wage.

What's the fault of the little girl?
Who had nothing to do at all!

Being poor is her only fault,
She even can't play with a doll.

Why the hell this poverty?
Oh poverty! Why don't you leave our people?

You will be shown the door
When everyone has their o…

It was November 14....

Many days passed. I was busy with my own work- my studies, tuitions and all the daily curricular activities.... In fact I forgot about the existence of the little girl, who a few days ago had inspired me a lot!!! This is the basic human mentality. Anything effects the mind for a few days and after that, the impact evaporates!

The exams were over and I was free once again. It was November 14, Children's Day. So the very first thought in my mind took me to the little girl. I decided to take some chocolates for her. It was really a great sense of excitement because it was the first time I decided to do something good for a poor little girl.

I went to that place, parked my two wheeler and started searching for the little girl. She was always at the same place at that time.But this time,finding her seemed difficult. I tried in vain to find her. I was very upset as I could not giver her what I had bought. I almost, in a dejected state turned to leave and it was then...…


Hope and happen!!!!! This is the pair that is never seen unpaired! Hope is always followed by happen. But does this really follow in our practical life??? May be or may not be.....

The next day I went to the same place where i had seen the girl last evening. She was still wearing the same dress. Perhaps it was the only dress she had... She was very cheerful and was playing with street dogs. She was enjoying pulling the dog's tail. Then suddenly she looked up. I din't understand her sudden change of mind. She kept staring at the sky till she could no longer see the object that distracted her attention.

You know what it was??? It was an aeroplane!!! The aeroplane,that daily flies over a thousand times. The aeroplane,we dont even care to see if it is flying or not.
The enthusiasm in her eyes reflected her mind. Her eyes said "I wish I could be in thataeroplane. Hope this could Happen!"

Tears rolled out of my eyes when i saw the zeal in her to fly in a plane, the zeal to to…

Born to win!

Everyone today is born to win. It is the present fashion. Winners-Ah! They are the people who top the list in any event, let it be formula 1 racing,tennis,chess or studies. But there are a few who deserve to be winners all the time but are never recognised!
The little girl I told is one of them.She is a winner in every aspect. The girl who should have been studying and enjoying her childhood, does menial jobs with a radiant smile. Is she not a winner???? At every point of life she stands brave enough to fight the odds against her.
Why does The Right to Education not knock her door???Why is she not entilted the right to enjoy her childhood??? Why is she forced to do all that was untold???


So that day I was returning feeling dull and bored. The traffic signal showed a red stopping me in particular. I was pondering over what had happened and suddenly i caught hold of a scene that moved me a lot. It almost changed me to a great extent.
A little girl, perhaps four and a half year old... A very traditional purple dress she wore(what is called pattu langa in telugu).She carried a water filled bucket on her head. That sight reminded me of an ant carrying an elephant on its head. The weight of the bucket was too.... It was really impossible for a little girl to do that but she seemed to manage it very easily.I imagined myself in that situation and it would be impossible for me to carry that heavy bucket....

This made me think....

The above written might seem foolish or silly. But the scene i saw made me think over it. Perhaps it would you too........

That day i was returning with a gloomy mood as i did not get tickets for the movie.To be continued later..........

Perhaps none knows!!!

The day one is born- happiness and cheers are in the air. What the future holds for the new born is perhaps unknown to everyone. The child comes in this world with many things perhaps all the things untold. This world- humanity, jealousy, egoism,happiness, sorrow and many other things form the order of the day.How does the child manage to cope with these many emotions even on not being told about it????? One may call it the instinct or something else. But if a thought is lend on this the reason comes out to be something else........